Communicating in a Changing World

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” – Peter Drucker


Growing up in one of the most multi-cultural & geographically isolated places on earth, Ashley realized the importance and value of community early on. She spent her undergraduate years exploring identity, social justice, community development, and leadership as a Martín Baró Scholar in the heart of San Francisco. She began her studies as a Biology major with the inteash_gradnt of becoming a pediatrician. She had always dreamed of studying abroad, but was told she could not due to her “hard-science” major, so she switched to one that was “soft”, Psychology.

Immediately after this shift, she applied to be a USF delegate for an intersession study tour entitled, “Seminar on Leadership & Global Citizenship,” which took place in Munich & Salzburg. This 12-day Seminar changed her life for good. Albeit short, it left a lasting impact. Since then, she has studied, traveled, & volunteered across Europe, Northern Africa, Central & South East Asia. She has witnessed firsthand the universal language of communication through the power of mirror neurons.

DSC_0664Ashley has a longstanding history in International Education as a Study Abroad Advisor, Programs Manager, Visa Consultant, & Volunteer Coordinator, and has made it possible for Biology majors to study abroad. She was an Instructor and Administrator to English language learners as well. She brings a wealth of professional expertise in non-profit operations, and has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds. Currently, she is Co-Owner to a small arts & retail business based in Hawai’i.

Ashley has a passion for both the sciences and the arts. She ash6continues to study the human body and its relation to food and the environment. She is a gardening, composting, and fermenting enthusiast. She loves dance, yoga, photography, and food. She is a maker of sorts from jewelry and clothes to lotions and mouthwash. Her curious and energetic nature makes her zest for life contagious.

Ashley is a Joint Master’s Degree Candidate in International Education Management and Public Administration with an emphasis on Social Entrepreneurship and Language Program Administration at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey. She is also an ongoing student of Earthship Biotecture, a radically sustainable architecture academy.

Ashley believes in conversations and experiences that spark innovative, entrepreneurial ideas to solve social issues. She has a passion for social change organizations, and is excited to return to San Francisco this Summer ’16 to work alongside international student change-makers.


“Existence is an act of becoming.” – Sartre